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If you are looking for lean business consultant then you are at right place. We have a team of highly professional team members who will be happy to help you. contact us for more information.

1Business Growth

Unleash your potentials …

Reports show that 48% of Canadian firms did not take advantage of the government-funding programs. Reasons for not accessing these sources have been referred to lack of knowledge of these programs, their requirements, and the applications process.

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2Corporate Training Programs

Get the most out of Lean …

Leanoveering™ offers, a first of its kind service, all of our training programs have a one-year support service to ensure that trainees get the most out of their training and be successful in implementing lean thinking within their organizations.

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3Operating Cost Reduction

Rethink your ongoing expenses…

Lanoveering™ has partnered with major suppliers in various industries to offer preferred pricing and special discounts for office supplies, printing and marketing services, financial services, digital marketing, and many other business services!

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4Business Start-up

Being Lean, not doing Lean …

Using our service-oriented Validation Driven Developement (VDD) framework, we help you making the right investment decision. VDD is based around the Lean’s principle “value to the customer” as the principal driver for any new initiative you plan to tackle.

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Leanoveering provides the efficient and productive lean business consulting services for our professional companions. Regardless of the status of your business grade, we bestow you the operational and resourceful consulting that will befit your business’s requirements. Our professionals assist you to unlock your real potential so that you will give your best to the task. It is our complete guarantee that your skills and performance will be definitely upgraded.

Our consultancy services are competent and are of a kind that will help you to minimize the wastage of resources, maintaining the efficiency at the same time. Whatever your business’s vision is, come to us!

Our team of experts work tirelessly to develop high performance workplace who can produce drastic result in organizations. Through our Lean Business Consulting services we have proved that high quality service doesn’t necessarily comes with high price tag. Leanoveering ultimate goal is to help organization achieving their organizational goal and unlock the hidden potential of employees.

Leanoveering realm of services encompass business growth programs, corporate training programs, operational cost reduction program and business start-up ideas. Broke down the barriers which is hampering your organization growth with our lean business consulting services!

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