About Us

Leanoveering, the portmanteau trade name of Lean Innovation Pioneering Ltd., is a Canadian-based organization, specialized in providing professional Lean coaching, training, and business consulting services. Leanoveering is an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) by IASSC for the Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt programs.


Pioneering the catalysts of business innovation to proactively orchestrate the change endeavors for our clients.


The clients can rely on us to competently implement the Lean Thinking into their mission-critical processes while continuing to efficiently promote high quality in product/service offerings to meet their unique clients’ needs.


1. One-size-fits-all does not work. Each client is unique; hence, we work cooperatively with each client to provide personalized services.

2. Loyalty to clients, fiercely! We feel the sense of obligation for our clients. After all, we are here to “help businesses to become better!”

3. We continue to professionally promote economically sound opportunities to help our clients to stay pertinent in tomorrow’s world