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Organization Lean-Agility Assessment (OLAA)

What is missing is actually there, but it is hidden...

About 86% of the Canadian firms have been moving away from using the financial metrics and started to use customer-centric metrics.

The main focus is on customers, learning more about them, and then working on developing strategies to acquire, attract, and retain the customers. This new way of assessment is considered the first step in shifting Canadian organizations towards becoming Lean organizations!

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Lean Business Growth

Unleash your potentials ...

This service is concerned with helping Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to grow their businesses and secure funds for innovative ideas.

48% of Canadian firms did not take advantage of the various government-funding programs. One important reason for not accessing government sources has been referred to the lack of knowledge of these programs, their requirements, and the applications process. Leanoveering has the knowledge of various funding requirements and has extensive experience in applying for grants and funding agencies.

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Corporate Training Programs

Get the most out of Lean  ...

With our distinct and unique Lean coaching and learning programs, we provide continuous support, even after the training is over!

Leanoveering offers, a first of its kind service, all the programs have a one-year local on-site support service to ensure that trainees get the most out of their training and be successful in implementing lean thinking within their organizations.

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Lean Service Penetration

Being Lean, not doing Lean  ...

Using our service-oriented Validation Driven Developement (VDD) framework, we help you making the right investment decision.

VDD is based around the Lean's principle “value to the customer” as the principal driver for any new initiative you plan to tackle. The key is to develop a working definition of value. Concentrating on learning the context and clients instead of focusing on the delivery of the product/service! Successful product development or service delivery needs to utilize validation-driven processes early in its life cycle.

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Leanoveering introduces core service offerings to help service-based organizations to understand and to implement the Lean methodologies to reduce internal operational costs and to maximize value to the end users. >
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