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66% of Your training cost is covered by CAJG!

Did you know that this training program is eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG).
The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is a funding program where employers and government share the cost of training new and existing employees to increase their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of Alberta’s changing economy.

This course has been designed to build your knowledge and capability to improve the performance of processes and subsequently the performance of the business of which you are a part. TThis multi-modules course provides the trainees with the necessary applied knowledge to identify and implement the quality measurements, analytical, improvement and control tools. Lean Black Belt holders will be qualified to coach and oversee the Green Black belt trainees


Delivery Method:
You have the choice of:
1) Fully online
2) Blended course

Fees: $7,299

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Our aim:
Leanoveering introduces core service offerings to help service-based organizations to understand and to implement the Lean methodologies to reduce internal operational costs and to maximize value to the end users.
What our client say?
"I can confirm, the training received by Leanoveering has changed the way we do our business." - Dr. Ashrf

"One of the most benefecial courses I have ever attended. Very knowledgable instructor." - Elisabeth

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